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Activities nearby

Veijari Fun Park is an attractive summer destination for families with children. The park includes a unique Aquarium House, an Aviary, a farm animal zoo, a Terrarium House with exotic animals etc.

It’s located about 1 km away from Ahvenlampi Camping

Fishermen´s Village is a pleasant spot for rainbow trout fishing located next to the Puuhapuisto Veijari. Admission free through the area’s own entrance.

It’s also about 1 km away from camping area.

Ähtäri Zoo. Get to know several endangered wild animal
species in their natural environment. Ähtäri Zoo is open every day of the year.

It’s 68 km away from Ahvenlampi Camping.

Julmat Lammit nature trail. The ruggedly handsome ravine lakes with their forests and crags tell about the ice age’s effects on nature. Roofed campfire place and and viewing platform. About 3 kilometres long hiking trail goes around the 3 lakes.

You can start walking straight from the camping, the actual trail begins in about 1,5 km.

Pyhähäkki National Park. It’s located in 28 km away from Ahvenlampi Camping, but it’s worth to be seen.

Stone Age Village. You can try to make fire by your own, without lighters, only using equipment from the Stone Age. Discover the ancient life in Finnish forest. It’s located in 15 km from Ahvenlampi Camping.

The Museum of Saarijärvi. Pleasure for the eyes and mind in the exhibitions. You can meet the local culture here and enjoy the artistic Saarijärvi.


It’s about 7 km away from camping.

Kukonhiekka entertainment centre is one of Finland’s most popular summer dance halls by Lake Pieni Lumperoinen near the centre of Saarijärvi.

It is located in 11 km from Ahvenlampi camping.

Fishing. This area is full of places for fishermans. From this map you can find the best ones.