В кемпинге Ахвенлампи  вы найдёте варианты размещения на любой вкус. У нас есть места для трейлеров или палаток (с общими душами/туалетами и кухнями); коттеджи поменьше, коттеджи побольше с сауной; сауны у воды; свой пляж; игровая площадка; места для гриля и много другое.

Located a few metres from Lake Ahvenlampi, this log cottage features a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, as well as a kitchen with a dining area.

You can find caravan-places with great views over the lake, close to the beach or go for a silent place on the hill with your car.

There are also saunas, that are located close to the water, so you can go swimming just by stepping out from the sauna.

We do care about nature, keep this area clean.

In this are there are many berries and mashrooms.

Boats, bisycles and playground are free of charge for our guests.

Добро пожаловать в кемпинг Ахвенлампи!